About UIME

The international union of aesthetic medicine was founded in 1975 in France by representatives of four European countries (Belgium, France, Italy and Spain). It was created in response to the growth of a new specially in medical environment. The goal was to bring together the doctors who wanted to focus on the field of aesthetic medicine, regardless of their original specialities.

This was soon followed by the creation of the Belgium Society promoted by the Belgian Michel Delune, dermatologist in Brussels (1974), the Italian Society created by Carlo Alberto Bartoletti, gerontologist and geriatrician in Rome (1975) and the Spanish Society, founded by Font-Riera, doctor of nutrition in Barcelona (1976).

In 1976 these four national societies founded the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME) based in Paris. Today, there are 29 international associations that are members of this union.

Their aim is to bring together worldwide, within a single scientific program, doctors and technicians of different specialties, but with a common interest in problems concerning aesthetic medicine.